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No Worries. Live for today.

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I wrote ‘No worries. Live for today’ for a colleague’s friend who had just received news that she had cancer. She found the sentiments uplifting and is now, happily, in remission

Live for today, the maxim dictates.

Live for tomorrow may only bring sorrow.

Live for yesterday is just memory recall

But live for now and your focus won’t stall.

We hope. We wish. We plan. We worry.

Must do, haven’t done. Always hurry.

Stand back. Stand up. Enjoy the real now.

Would love to. Want to but can’t find the how.

Bad health, good health dictates the pace.

Good attitude, bad attitude determines the face.

Good friends, real friends that’s my real need.

Nice people, kind people are my perm’nant heed.

Got the news. Not good. Bit of a shock.

Chin up. Be positive. Have taken a real knock.

But today is today. Tomorrow’s only near.

Live for today. It will manage the fear.

We do die eventually. The healthy. That’s fine

It’s the when is the problem. What day and what time

So live for today and know that contentment.

Banish the future and manage the resentment.

Think now. Think friends. This moment. This now.

Think help. Think support. I now know the how.

It’s not tomorrow. Don’t guess it. It’s really today.

Enjoy it. Live it. It's now the new way.

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