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Each module will have supported downloadable tools in the form of questionnaires, templates and instructive material.

The downloads will be your guide and support throughout all the coaching stages.  They will make you more self-aware and challenge conventional opinions and traditional views and introduce you to a whole new perspective and approach to Personal Development and Career Planning coaching.  You will now benefit from being able to make informed not speculative choices.

We say today’s work environment is fast forward, constantly changing and dynamic.  The Regent Coaching Programme has been developed by head-hunters and career coaches who are from the market and therefore embraces this need for flexibility and a positive mentality.  The relational aspect differentiates the Programme from any other on the market.  Our aim is for you to be challenged, informed, instructed and achieve new unthinkable goals.

The Personal Development stage is discursive and explorative. Personal Development discusses what you should do and Career Planning tells you how to do it.

If you purchase the Programme you can access all the downloads and gain the full benefit of the coaching Programme.

We know that today’s job market is ever changing. We also know that your career, your ambitions and personal circumstances will also experience many changes.  Some changes will be your choice, others will be dictated by events outside your control.

It is tried and tested and has helped many thousands of candidates to successfully achieve their ambitions. It offers positive solutions to real life situations. It gives you clear practical sign posting. It tells you what to do and how to do it.

Having completed the Programme you will be more confident, a better communicator and now have the prescriptive tools to effect real change and manage all life’s challenges and stages.

We all have hopes and aspirations and often think about the things we would like to change in our lives.

Regent Coaching can be your new coaching partner and catalyst to make those hopes, dreams and aspirations happen.  Better quality of life, improving performance, aiming and achieving realistic new goals is your motivation to engage with this exciting new programme.


Module 1        Exploration

Module 2        Evaluation


Module 3       Instruction

Module 4       Consolidation

The starting point focuses on your personality to identify your skills and weaknesses and how you should apply them to the work environment.

The second part focuses on career planning and is the learning through exercises stage where you will be introduced to innovative techniques which you will apply to all your job situations. 


Consolidation will emphasise the importance of continually updating and renewing your skills to ensure you can apply your learning to your daily tasks and responsibilities.


Module 1    



You will be introduced to the Lowe Personality Profiler© to find out which of the 4 types matches your personality. The coach will explain the results and how it will influence your coaching journey. 

Your personality type will determine your documented goals and what outcomes you should expect from this coaching module.

Downloadable Resource:

  • Master Document

  • Lowe Personality profiler

Module 2   



This is the planning stage.  You can now apply them to exciting new career goals.

You will have captured much information about yourself from Module 1 which will add realism and integrity to your plans and know that they are achievable.

Downloadable Resource:

  • Communication and Listening Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Meetings and their participation

  • Managing Stress


Module 3  



Am I happy in my current job? How do I benchmark my work performance?  How do I manage career transition, career advancement?  How do I manage meetings and team building more effectively? How do I find my ideal role?  How do I win on Interview?

These will no longer be the points of concern in terms of getting it right.


Module three will give you well defined prescriptive advice on how to apply innovative techniques which have been tried and tested in the workplace and have a 90% successful outcome.

You will also be introduced to a suite of questionnaires and exercises which have been developed by a leading occupational psychologist.

Career Planning will take on a whole new and exciting perspective.

Downloadable Resource:

  • Working Style Profiler

  • Job Profiling

  • Job Search Criteria

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Applying for the Job

  • The Interview and Interview Profiler

Module 4  



You will now have captured the key elements of the Programme. Module 1 will have made more aware of the unique dominant strengths of your personality. 

In Module 2 you will have defined your career goals and in Module 3 learnt how to facilitate their implementation.

And in module 4 we encourage you to frequently update and renew your skills.

It is good to regularly revisit the downloads to consolidate your learning especially those referring to leadership skills and managing meetings.

You must see the Regent Coaching Programme as a life partner. It is not a one-off coaching exercise. This is its outstanding feature. Whether you are a university student embarking on your first job, an executive thinking of a career change or a CEO deciding how to deal with that headhunt call the Regent Coaching Programme will in every case be your expert professional guide.  

And if you are being introduced to the Programme through a third-party coach then you will be free to contact them by email or phone for a 6 month period.  You can contact them to gain their advice on issues as they arise.  This is also an opportunity to consolidate your learning and relate it to real events at your workplace.

Downloadable Resource:

  • Coaching Log Summary

You have completed the Programme and here is a summary of the benefits you will have achieved.

On a Personal level

You now know your strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to the workplace.

You have studied the 4 personality types and now view friends and colleagues within their behavioural profile.

You know the Analyst (geek) is not really quiet, they just converse with a purpose only.

The Supporter you know is highly intuitive and a people-first personality.

The Influencer is enthusiastic company and loves to win.

The Creative can conceptualise situations from a new and unique perspective.

You are a more confident and effective communicator.  Meetings and presentations can now be ‘looked forward to’ events.  You know how to manage stress at work and at home and avoid your personality triggers.

And, in the Workplace

And for ‘doing the job’ you have a new focus and know the parameters of successful performance.

You can now be more ambitious with your job applications.  That promotion you were thinking of applying for or that exciting new job you would like to have are now well within your reach. 

You can create a CV which can be applied to all job applications. You can insightfully interpret job adverts and job descriptions and make powerful applications.

You can perform confidently on interview using a unique new approach and you now have a suite of reference guides to ensure your skills keep pace with today’s new developments.

Effective leadership, team building, managing meetings, coping with stress, successfully performing at work are ongoing challenges which need constant reinforcement.

The Regent Coaching Programme will ensure you confidently and successfully manage these challenges.


Contact Jane Armstrong or John Lowe to discuss the new personal or career changes you would like to make happen.  They will give you an overview of the Programme and explain how it can relate to your needs.



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