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Are You A Misfit?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

When you are in a job you find frustrating you will lack motivation, your performance drops and the weekend can’t come too soon.

This is a time to stand back and reflect on whether the role really matches your skills.

This mis-matching is a frequent occurrence and why I developed the Lowe Personality Profiler so that candidates could ensure that the job description fits their skill set.

The Lowe Personality Profiler defines 4 dominant types and their corresponding strengths and weaknesses in terms of communication style, leadership qualities, analytical ability, good with people, creative flair and your ability to cope and manage change and workplace stress.

What roles you select should be determined by your personality.

The Influencer will select a role where business development is the key skill required. The Supporter will excel in roles where people interaction is a central component. The Analyst will enjoy roles where they can apply their deductive skills to solve complicated issues and the Creative must only apply for roles where they can apply their design skills.

Go to our website and explore how this unique personality matching tool will ensure you only select roles which capitalise on your individual skills and where you will feel challenged and motivated.

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