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The Regent Coaching Programme has been developed from first-hand research by experts in the field. Its success has been endorsed by many thousands of candidates where it has been the catalyst for career change, promotion, stress management and the development of confident leadership.


The flexibility and adaptability of the programme and its unique individual focus means we apply it to upskill:

  • Directors and senior management

  • HR professionals wishing to add coaching skills to their expertise

  • Executives seeking to explore new career opportunities or gain promotion in their existing role

  • MBA students


The multifaceted applications will incorporate:

  • Career transitioning

  • Coaching skills

  • Career advancement

  • Stress management

  • Annual appraisals

  • Leadership skills

  • Personal development

  • Team building

  • Improving corporate performance


We are proud of our reputation of achieving highly successful outcomes over many years. The power of the Programme is that it is based on today’s corporate marketplace with all its unique challenges and the need to adjust constantly to managing its dynamic and endemic change.


The format is prescriptive and the structure of the Resource material will logically guide you step by step through the Programme delivery.


Coaching is always a privileged position. The coachee is sharing their inner thoughts, emotions and ambitions. Coaching is also a very rewarding position when you experience first-hand improvement in performance and the advancement in personal development.


For coaching to be successful it needs structure and transparent goals. The programme must also embrace the individual needs and expectations of each personality in terms of their skills, experience, mentality, emotions and ambitions.


The Regent Coaching Programme incorporates these critical elements of successful coaching. The Lowe Profiler sets the stage to identify the individual’s core skills, strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will be foundational for all one-to-one sessions. It will act as an expert guide to:


Personality profiling, communication and listening skills, chairing meetings, interview techniques, leadership skills, defining a career pathway, CV writing, job applications, convincing at interviews and successfully performing at work – all the key facets of personal development and career planning.


The Coach will have a suite of tools which they will apply to all their skills and tasks to ensure goals are achieved.


When they are familiar with the Programme the coach will have an interview with the Directors to endorse their competency to deliver the Regent Coaching Programme. These tools will guide and expertly inform and support the role of the coach throughout their critical stages.


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