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The Lowe Profiler© is an expert psychometric tool which will identify your personality type and subsequent strengths and weaknesses.  The Regent Coaching Programme focuses on personal development and career planning.  It acknowledges that these activities are interdependent.  How, for example, you lead, manage, communicate and cope with stress in the workplace will be primarily determined by your personality type.


The Lowe Profiler© has been developed and researched from over 30,000 one-to-one coaching sessions.  This live active research means it reflects today’s dynamic challenges and the new modus operandi in the workplace.


Throughout your working life you will meet situations which are planned and predictable.   You will also find yourself in situations which are spontaneous and unscheduled.


The Lowe Profiler© will train on how best to manage all events by capitalising on your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses.   It is a unique coaching tool and has been successfully applied by many thousands of candidates in their quest for that, sometimes elusive, work life balance.


Applying the Lowe Profiler© will Coach you to


  • Understand your strengths and how to apply them

  • Understand your weaknesses and how to overcome them

  • Understand your goals and how to achieve them

  • Understand your work life balance and how to live it

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The Work Environment and You



Today’s market is focused on the short term. The work environment is ever changing and there is a greater turnover of people in job roles.


The Programme will help you to become more successful by revealing and refining your talents and skills and showing you how to apply them effectively within the work environment.

Foundational to these skills are four personality types.

Personality profiling for business

These will help you to understand through self-validation your personality profile and how to apply it in a work situation.


Profiling your dominant personality characteristics and contextually applying them to personal development and career management will enable you to manage your critical life stages positively.

Our Programme will encourage and motivate you to view the workplace

and your skills from a totally new perspective.

No longer will you worry about how to deal with aggressive colleagues or have sleepless nights about coping with sudden workloads and unrealistic deadlines.


The Regent Coaching Programme puts you in control and shows you how to enjoy and successfully manage all the predictable and unpredictable tasks of today’s demanding workplace.

Personality profiler for business
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