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Genius @ Work

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Am I the only genius @ work?

The result and outcome of most public enquiries seems always to be that amazing revelation that there are lessons to be learned.

Well hello! I have been to school and I have learned my lessons. I have learned from school and my parents that:

Children should not be abused. That paedophilia is morally wrong and criminal. That patients in hospitals should not be neglected. That fiddling the interest rates, manipulating the foreign exchange rate and selling customers products they don’t need and can’t use is wrong. That betting other people’s money on dodgy stuff should not be allowed and if you win you should not pocket the dosh. And I have learned from my parents that if I am in charge I am personally responsible and accountable for what happens otherwise don’t accept the extra wad. And I know that there will always be a few scallywags in any organisation so I keep a good look out for them and don’t rely on the processes and I always ask ‘who?’ not ‘what?’. I know that morality in the 70s is the same as morality in our current climate. Abusing children, neglecting patients and fiddling the books was as wrong then as it is now- no moral cop out there then.

So why were these exceptionally overpaid managers of media corporations, hospitals and banks allowed to abdicate their obvious responsibilities and cause so much havoc in terms of wrecking countless lives and blowing our finances out of the water?

I know. They have not learned their lessons. But the good news is if any organisation wants to give me a job as a manager they can save millions. No enquiries needed. I have learned my lessons from my schools and  parents who insisted that I also put them into practice.

I know I am good and modest but surely I can’t be the only genius at work!

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