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Au Revoir from a Fat Cat

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Au Revoir from a Fat Cat captures the commercial tension focusing on excessive pay rewards for minimum effort and expertise. But how much is too much and who decides!

They paid me a wad. Not sure why.

Don’t deserve it, didn’t earn it, but not going to cry.

It’s like bet on a horse and hope for the best.

But win or lose, you made the right guess.

‘Fat Cat’ I’m called but don’t think it’s fair.

Give beggars, ‘Big Issue’. See, I really do care

Fat cat and loaded financially obese

But blood pressure ok and never touch the yeast.

‘Fat Cat?’ They ‘re jealous or would they refuse?

Have a mil, two mil would sure light their fuse.

No thanks, no more. I’m the moral kind.

Fat Cat? Fat chance they’re not stupid or blind.

Too much, too much! That’s the constant shout.

Too much, too much but what is the amount?

Then how much is too much and who gives a damn!

No worries. Have a life and another wee dram.

Off with the wad; off to retire.

Head down, no questions, no cause to inquire.

Didn’t earn it. Kept shtum, or cover be blown

Derivatives or Bonds not job to be known.

Just pressed the buttons; the screen said ‘guess’

Hey presto! You’ve got it! It always says yes.

So all the best, you suckers; keep paying my tax

I’m off with the loot and my permanent relax.

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