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A very special birthday message to all mothers

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

There when you need her, always taken as read.

Appreciated? Not really. Just need clothes and then fed.

Told off many times, “Get up you’re late!”

That voice again! Is this my life’s fate?

The housework, the grub never known to fast

Mum’s a Trojan for work, and true to the last.

Grew up, grew wiser now Mum knows a lot less.

Now educated, now cleverer, think I am the best.

But Mum’s birthday today makes me take stock.

Smarter than I thought, does come as a shock!

Kindly and generous, always giving, always there.

Never selfish, never judging, just there to care.

Love is a word we can be slow just to say.

But to my mother I should shout it every blessed day!

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