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London, My London

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I have worked in Regent Street  central London most of my life and when people ask my opinion of the city I find it difficult to be definitive. London, My London captures my experiences and contradictions.

It’s the place to be and the place to avoid I love it to death, but can often get annoyed.

Multicultural they say – that’s the main vocal But challenge you anywhere to find a real local.

Amazing buildings, crazy buildings that’s the real city Nice parts, great atmosphere and bits that need pity.

Regent Street’s my patch, done forty years and four. Always learning, always moaning always ready for more.

Christmas lights, smart shops – I know each by name. Nash designed it and built it and that’s its real fame.

My London’s got everything. I can constantly explore And however much I do, I’ll always find there is more.

Black cabs, red buses that’s the tourist’s take But for me the cab’s functional for journeys I must make.

It’s my workplace, my challenge, my career’s rock ‘n roll My shopping, my sandwiches and variety yet told.

My London may love you but doesn’t really care. It’s not deciding, not judging, it’s just there to share.

I can love it, can loathe it, can live it and mock But London’s my London, my work life and rock.

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