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When is the best time for a career change!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I have been too long in my present job. The challenge and excitement have gone. I am also taken for granted which is understandable since I perform my tasks and responsibilities without fuss.

The problem is that I know I need to move on and have been thinking like this for at least the last three years but have done nothing about it. I scan the job boards and there is nothing yet which really makes me feel, ‘Yes, that’s the job for me’. I suppose I am in a rut. The people are nice; the journey is ok and I am paid quite well.

I find as a career coach that this scenario is very common. It is a situation where the rational mentality does not match the emotional desire. Rationally you know you should move on: new challenge, new journey to make, new colleagues to meet. You know this will broaden your thinking perspective and get you out of this comfortable rut.

But emotionally this is easier said than done. “I am not going to apply for any old job just for the sake of moving” – ( the emotive response of most of my coachees who have difficulty instigating their move).

So how do I move on when there is nothing really to move on to?

Treat your move as a journey with key stages. Complete the stages and you will arrive at your destination having achieved the successful outcome ie a new job.

Stage 1

Your initial task is to put the rational first. It’s like a medicine – you don’t like it but you know it will do good. Consult the Regent Coaching Programme and complete Your Job Profiler. This will help you to logically rationalise your next move.

Stage 2

Apply this template in your job search and follow the coaching advice on

CV Construction and Job Applications.

Stage 3

When you receive an interview, complete and practise the Interview Profiler with its outstanding success record and 'hey presto' you have been offered the role handed in your notice and are looking forward to working on new tasks, meeting new colleagues, managing exciting new challenges and wondering ' why didn't I make the move years ago '

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