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Planning your career journey by using the 5 key sign posts

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Your work experiences, your personal circumstances, your personal preferences and your personal development are never static. They are continually evolving and changing and your career goals and aspirations must reflect this change and adaptation.

If by using a structured method you can confidently define your ideal job profile incorporating your core skills, then this knowledge will help you to be more creative in your job search. You will confidently identify roles where, through skills transference, you can make a strong positive application. From my experience, many candidates are too insular in their job search and application of skills. There can be a tendency to underestimate their abilities, for example not to apply for a particular role within an oil company as they have no previous experience of the industry.

Yet, frequently employers do not require industry experience as the skills required are not industry specific. The purpose of this exercise, which invites you to define and review all the facets of a job profile, is to give you a stronger focus in terms of the roles you can target in your job search. To build a job profile you should incorporate the following five important elements which, from research based on my interviewing experience, are considered to be critical to career choice:

  1. Personal preferences.

  2. Personal circumstances.

  3. Soft skills.

  4. Personal experience.

  5. Remuneration.

Using these parameters, you can build your job profile and use it for job applications and as a reference for generating a professional CV. Review your choices and transfer your conclusion and comments to create Your Job Profiler. Be mindful that this exercise is a process, a road of discovery, not a sudden revelation. Let’s look at the first signpost.

And if you want more detail this is an extract from The Psychology of Career Planning.

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