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How important is career goal setting?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Career goal setting should always be a personal choice rather than a universal norm.

How helpful career goal setting is will depend on your personality type?

The Analyst and the Creative types will enjoy goal setting as structured planning is in character. Supporters will take a neutral stance and use it depending on the occasion and circumstance and particularly if it is recommended by a respected friend or colleague. Influencers are unlikely to spend much time on this exercise and if they do they are just as likely to frequently alter their goals or not adhere to them. Influencers enjoy constant change and variety and setting goals can appear restrictive to their short term aspirations.

Formulating ideas and goals is a highly personal and individual exercise. Career goal setting can be helpful for candidates who enjoy a structured and organised approach to career management such as the Analyst and Creative personality types but the exercise is never right or wrong only personal. Many candidates tell me they make copious lists of things to do which they constantly update. They are not sure if the exercise is just a habit or whether, having identified personal goals can help to prioritise. It can certainly help to define and balance your work and recreational time.

Goal setting must reflect the future and be flexible, not a written commitment to which you feel obliged to adhere. It is a guide point and indicator. It should be structured, personality compliant and informed and you should review some of these blogs which will add new exciting dimensions to your decisions. On the other hand not fulfilling or meeting goals is not a reflection of failure or lack of commitment; it may be rather a reflection of your flexibility and adaptability and realistic mentality.

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