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Meet your coach


John Lowe

I have coached in excess of 20,000 candidates from virtually every industry. Headhunting and coaching are normally viewed as separate disciplines, but I believe they are interdependent. Because I am also a headhunter, I am able to coach a candidate more effectively as I know the job market and therefore their potential career growth, their opportunities and their realistic salary expectations.

I coach leading university professors, Senior Board Managing Directors, candidate requiring help in degree choice and university selection, executives wishing to improve their career focus and MBA students seeking personal development and career advice. This range of experience is unusual in the market as most coaches

tend to concentrate on particular segments, but I have found my extensive and broad knowledge-base advantageous in that it allows me to give more qualitative and contextual advice.

This range of experience is important to endorse. Large corporations, for example, present a different dynamic and structure to new start-ups. Politics can play an important role within large multinationals and influence the determination of its processes, procedures and administration, all factors that are critical to its successful operation. Start-ups, on the other hand, require a mentality of initiative, creativity and an element of risk taking. Each industry will have its own unique dynamic and atmosphere that superimposes a further variant within the work environment.

Medicine, law, accounting, oil, banking, PR, advertising, design, consultancy, charities, architecture, manufacturing, IT, telecoms and retail all have commercial criteria that are unique to their activity. The Psychology of Career Planning incorporates this diversity within its coaching and uniquely delivers instructional profilers that you can universally apply to any industry. The Psychology of Career Planning equips you

with the skills to cope with predictable and unpredictable eventualities. It replicates the reality of today’s employment markets.

You will be introduced to a constructive and structured approach that will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently find that ideal challenge in terms of role responsibility and remuneration. This book will help you to find that ideal role by introducing you to a logical and positive career finding path. No matter what the circumstances, whether a promotion, a new career, an annual appraisal, redundancy or a lifestyle change, you will be challenged and energised and emerge feeling confident about yourself, your strengths and your ability to present yourself positively.

I have compiled this coaching manual in a logical sequence in terms of chronology and I have written each section so that it will stand alone. This will enable you to refer to a specific subject or topic separately and independently. You can therefore use it as an expert reference for planned or unforeseen career-related events or situations such as headhunts, redundancy and interviews. The content will not change over time. I have applied these techniques for more than 35 years to the UK, European and world markets. The techniques are people, not culture, specific.

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