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Your personality type will determine your career choices

Updated: Jun 1

I am using this title to emphasise the importance of discovering your personality type and relating it to the workplace.

Of the 25,000 plus candidates I have interviewed they have all been unique but they have all matched one of the 4 personalities I have outlined in The Personality profiler. When I have identified each candidate’s particular personality type and their related strengths, they find the discovery revelatory and exciting as it explains why they have chosen and enjoy specific tasks and not others and why they relate to specific personalities and not others.

We acknowledge that as a runner you may be a sprinter a middle distance a steeple chaser or best at marathons. You may be an indoor specialist.

If you play hockey your strengths may be as a goalie, a back, a midfielder or a forward.

We also know that the skills of a Business developer a graphic designer and a software engineer are very distinct and individual.

The Regent Coaching Personality Profiler will show you how to identify your individual skills and strengths and then how to apply them to the workplace.

I apply this tool in all my interviewing and coaching sessions.

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