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Working Remotely or From Home

Updated: Jun 1

Working from home must be more topical as journalists are allocating the WFH as a common abbreviation. But what is less discussed is working remotely.

Previously working from home was allowed providing you were living within commuting distance of the office and could attend that unexpected meeting. In contrast, working remotely means you are not expected to visit the office and your location is not relevant to your work. This summer a colleague worked from an orchard in France using an apple tree as shade from the sun.

As an Executive Career Coach I am constantly asked about the merits or not of WFH. Whether you should, can or want to join the WFH community then these parameters will determine the outcome.

Personality is a major consideration. Do you enjoy the camaraderie of a busy office or do you find the noise and interruptions a distraction? Does the nature of your tasks suit remote working? Do you have a choice in terms of company policy? Do you live in a one bed flat or a 4 bed detached with a garden office? Is your office located a short walk or drive from your location? Is your commute a reliable service where you relax and listen to your favourite genre or is it an unpredictable service with frequent cancellations and standing room only? Do you have boisterous children and a dog with an annoying bark? Can you meet colleagues using Zoom or Teams?

More and more companies and particularly start-ups are abandoning offices as a work location and for years (pre-covid) I have noticed the new trend where office space is being converted into residential accommodation. The advent of technology means that the nature of our work tasks are project-orientated and are often projects with a defined time span. Short termism and constant change is the dynamic.

For some working from the office will always be compulsory or an option but others may be able to choose an exotic location with a robust internet. So when your colleagues are discussing the merits of WFH or not you will know to answer “that depends.....

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