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Winning on Interviews

Updated: Jun 1

This is an exciting subject to write about. The point of an interview is to get the job. A really good performance on interview will result in a job offer. Your whole life changes. You text friends, leave messages and send emails. You want to share the good news with everyone. It is amazing to think of the changes a new job brings to your lifestyle: new motivation, new journeys to make, new colleagues to meet and a new financial perspective.

Your sole objective of an interview then is to be in a position of choice – to be offered the role.

The Psychology of Career Planning will demonstrate how you can dramatically increase your chances of being offered the job. Interview preparation is core to our highly-successful reputation as  recruiters nationally and internationally.

Its innovative approach challenges conventional advice. Its new, fresh approach redefines the interview. Your positive, successful performance will create a positive, successful outcome. I have prepared many thousands of candidates for interviews and this is one of my particular specialisms.

I have developed an interview format based on my unique combination of experience as a career coach, recruitment consultant and headhunter. I visit clients, find out their needs and relay that information to candidates. Whilst each role and candidate is unique, I have developed an Interview Profiler which ensures that candidates present themselves confidently, positively and articulately.

This booklet will also show you how to prepare for an interview Interviews: know the answers and avoid the pitfalls

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