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Today’s rock 'n roll workplace

Updated: Jun 1

The present working environment, whether it is a commercially-focused corporation or a not-for-profit organisation, is demanding and has a short-term cycle. It will be influenced by the short-term trading culture that is so prevalent in today’s market.

Influencers such as global markets, off-shoring, employee mobility, technology

growth, interest rates, booms, recessions, credit crunches, wars and global warming

collectively and interactively create an ongoing and dynamic change in world


A significant new development in today’s commercial environment is the fact that

work or the task takes priority over the people factor.

Historically, many large corporations had a strong people-focused culture. To ensure

promotion employees would endeavour to establish strong positive associations

with influencing managers. Companies’ paternalistic attitude to their employees

and the employment benefit package reflected this with subsidised luncheons,

education subsidies, generous pensions and an active policy of ongoing training

and development. The general culture was such that if an employee made a request

that would enhance their career prospects, then that request would be positively considered.

The commercial environment is dictated by short-termism and structural change which is endemic. Todays candidates must adopt a flexible mentality and be constantly prepared to cross skill. They must regularly enhance their technical skills through self help online courses. Large corporations no longer send their employees on protracted learning courses.

Work culture is predominantly task rather than people focused.

The upside is that there are more opportunities for career changes. You do not have to dedicate a life's work to a particular specialism.

The recruitment environment and emphasis has changed. Employers are looking to fill an immediate role with compatible skills now. They are not offering you a lifelong guaranteed career path. Your previous experience is viewed then in the broad sense as technology moves at a fast pace.

Some examples where I have coached the individual to achieve their original qualification and achieve their new career.

Forester to Firewall specialist

Barrister to journalist

Med Doctor to Reporter

Database consultant to Teaching

Board Director to managing Scottish deer estate

Administrator to comedian

In summary if you wish to change career then look at the skills and experiences you have gained to date and look for areas acquiring compatible expertise.

Read lots of advertisements paying particular attention to the duties and responsibilities and see if you can find a match.

Do not pay too much attention to job titles. When I am advertising roles on the job boards I often have to use titles which may be company specific and not properly represent the scope and nature of the role.

Importantly be ambitious and take advantage or the flexibility in todays employment marketplace

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