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How well do you know your personality at work?

Updated: Jun 1

When I am coaching or headhunting I use the Lowe Personality Profiler as my expert guide. The profiler tool identifies 4 individual personality types which you find in the workplace. They are the Supporter, the Influencer, the Analyst and the Creative. Each type will have very individual characteristics which can be directly applied to the workplace and matched against job descriptions.

Some examples

The candidate’s main responsibility will be business development. The role is client facing and requires excellent communication skills. There will be a commission element which will be based on performance. This is a classic Influencer’s profile.

The candidate will need to be good with people and lead meetings of very diverse teams. The supporting administration is critical so we need a candidate who is highly flexible and where attention to detail and accuracy is their forte. This role will suit the Supporter/Facilitator well.

The candidate will be responsible for generating complicated reports which will require researching data sources to analyse their content and context in terms of the ongoing project. The Analyst can apply for this role which will capitalise on their logical structure and analytical mindset.

The candidate will have experience of developing creative assets from conception through to artwork. They will work with production teams, designers and artists to ensure character integrity. A classic role for the Creative with the relevant product design experience.

What is new and unique about the 4 personality profiles is that they are a practical tool which can be directly used with job applications. It also gives a deeper understanding of job roles. For example, the job description may say we need excellent communication skills. This can have different interpretations. Does it mean the skill to sell/persuade, to train, conduct meetings, to give presentations? And does the skill apply to internal activities or external clients?

Understanding the 4 personality types and their behavioural profiles will enable you to understand disparate behaviours in your workplace. You can apply the Lowe Personality Profiler to refine your job search, to communicate more effectively with your colleagues or to make sense of the current likes and dislikes in your current role.

Today’s workplace is in a permanent fast forward demanding mode. Have you done it? When can I have it? replicate the endless need to keep up and perform. Technology leads and is constantly metamorphosing into new and disparate applications which need to be understood and applied.

Managing stress at work

This constant pressure can cause workplace stress and adversely affect performance and output. If not managed stress can build to an intolerable level and the job which was previously enjoyable can have a negative effect on health, family, friends and work environment.

I have demonstrated how each personality type can manage stress in the workplace. The stress parameters are different for each profile. Knowing your vulnerability or weak spots will help you to avoid build up at an early stage allowing you to take remedial action.

The personality typology is not similar to traditional psychometrics which give more generalist description. The Lowe Personality Profiles can be directly used in your work to inform, manage, motivate and improve performance leading ultimately to a happy go-to workplace.

To find out how you can apply the Lowe Personality Profiler you should read The Psychology of Career Planning.

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