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First Impressions: Should we rely on them?

Updated: Jun 1

‘First impressions are everything.’

‘I can tell after two minutes whether the candidate is right for the role.’

These views I am afraid are not the observations of experienced interviewers and suggest that the interviewer is judging from a narrow perspective. The fact that a mathematical modeller presents themselves as a taciturn, verbally reclusive, monosyllabic candidate can be a positive indicator if you are seeking a highly numerate and technical analyst whilst the energetic, verbose, gregarious candidate may be an excellent fit for that business development role you are seeking to fill.

We know that each situation is very different and the determinants that will influence the outcome are varied.

Whether and how you validate and interpret first impressions will be dependant to the job criteria, the individual personality type of the interviewer and equally the personality type of the interviewee.

You must match the personality to the JD. Refer to my blog Your personality type will determine your career choices.

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